Stefan Panis

Wreckdiver / Researcher

Stefan Panis was born in Belgium in 1978. He started diving at the age 6. In 1992 he obtained his first official certification. During the years he dived several historical wrecksites over the world,as in sardegna,Berlengues-Portugal,as far as Cuba and the Domenician Republic. In 2001 he started to work as a commercial diver for several years. In 2002 he met Vic ,who passed on the Northsea wreckdiving virus. Since that day he made numerous trips to explore the many wreck around the Belgian and Dutch coast as wel as for new wreck searches. In 2007 he started to organise annual wrecktrips to Le Havre France, another very interesting area. In 2008 he started with technical diving, and made the switch to ccr rebreather diving. Another great passion of Stefan is historical shipwreck research. Since 2002 he's combing the European Archives for essential clues in blueprints ,articles and pictures to complete a ships history. During the years he gathered a lot of international contacts from archives over the world who sometimes can provide the missing links...........


Agnes Rypens

Agnes started diving 20 years ago . She was for many years the diving buddy and underwater model for Vic when shooting underwater in the Red Sea. Agnes has gathered hundreds of dives loged in the various dive sites in Egypt,Israel,Jordan. She was also many times Boatdriver and member of the crew to the various wrecks on the NorthSea .

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